Dr. Ayman

  • Speciality: ORTHODONTICS
  • Gender: male
  • Location: saudi
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Dr. Ayman Maktabi Graduated from King Saud University in 1983 and for the next 15 years worked at the Riyadh Military Hospital. He earned a Diploma in Orthodontics in 1987 then he had his masters in pediatric from London Un. In 1989. Before too long he was the Head of Orthodontic Department and a Kingdome-wide sought after consultant, he was also a part time lecturer in Riyadh College for dentistry. Then he had his own clinic “Lasting Smile” in 1998 and he is still working in it until now.

Over the years, Dr. Ayman Maktabi has keen eye for beautiful and natural looking smiles. Many patients who were once too embarrassed to smile have experienced life-changing transformations through his extraordinary skill in orthodontic dentistry.

Dr. Maktabi is committed to providing comfortable, effective, patient care and orthodontic treatment using the most advanced techniques and technology available in dentistry today.

Dr. Maktabi is ranked by his peers as one of the top orthodontists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Among Dr. Maktabi's grateful patients are many dentists and their families.

To be the "dentists' dentist" is considered a very prestigious achievement...